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I have 20 years experience in creating jewelry prototypes that will work well in production environments. Over the years, I have worked in Platinum, Gold, Sterling, Bronze, Brass and Pewter, producing everything from one of a kind pieces, to thousands of the same item. I know what makes a piece easy to mold, cast and finish in various metals and production processes. According to your needs, I can provide either a prototype, mold, finished piece or just a CAD design.

3D Scanning

I have both a touch probe scanner and a laser scanner for scanning and importing 3D objects for use and modification in CAD software. For example, I can scan an existing piece and incorporate it into a piece of jewelry or scan a life sized sculpture, scale it up or down, or convert it to a bas relief. Click here for a jewelry example, here for scaling down a bas relief and here for scanning a head and converting it to a bas relief.

CAD Design

I use a variety of 2D and 3D CAD software to design pieces to your specifications. While my background is in designing and manufacturing jewelry and decorative items, I also have the capability to create models used in industrial applications. I specialize in creating sculpted, organic objects, I often will modify specific components of a piece for other designers, which are then incorporated into their deisgns. I usually export .stl and .iges files, but have the capability to export others. Contact me for details.


I have an extremely precise 4 axis milling machine and can provide any of the CAD designs I create for you as a wax or plastic piece ready for casting or molding.

Mold Making

I have 20 years experience making molds in a variety of materials and can make molds of any prototype I create for you in several types of vulcanized and RTV rubber.


I cast in Bronze, Sterling and white and yellow golds.

I look forward to hearing from you about the project you have in mind. Please click here and read my Tips for submitting a Design and also my Policies before ordering

I accept Visa and MasterCard as well as business checks but I will wait for checks to clear before shipping.You can contact me using email but do not include your credit card info, as emails are not secure.

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