Each portrait is a custom piece of art, and I treat it as a future heirloom. I work directly from the photographs you send me and sculpt the piece by hand using my computer, milling machine, microscope and a variety of tiny hand tools. I use an extremely specialized type of software that enables me to actually feel the piece as I work on it, so I do the majority of sculpting while it is in the computer.

Using the computer as a tool enables me to work very precisely and also makes it simple to send you images of the piece while it is in progress and easily make any necessary changes before the final steps.

Please keep in mind that I am sculpting every piece individually, and each is a work of art, my own interpretation of the subject and my attempt to capture their very spirit. The piece is not created via some automated process, I use high tech tools to be sure, but each piece is created by me, by hand and via a process similar to all bas relief sculpture, ancient and modern.

How is the sculpture created?

1) I ask you supply at least one, and hopefully several, photos of the subject you'd like me to sculpt. Please indicate the one photo you prefer for the main pose. Keep in mind that grinning, smiling faces look great in photos but look a little unnatural when sculpted, visible teeth in a sculpture can make a person look slightly odd. For the main pose, a slight, closed mouth smile or even a neutral expression is preferred.

2) I'll create the sculpture and email you several images of it. At this point, if you prefer, I can supply you with an .stl and you can incorporate it into a piece of your own.

3) Select the overall layout of the pendant you prefer, the shape, the style of frame and whether you'd like anything on the reverse side. Feel free to suggest anything you'd like to incorporate into the design, it's all truly custom and I'm striving to create a unique piece of art for you.

4) I take the virtual piece I've created in the computer and use a milling machine to carve it out of wax. I then take that machine carved piece of wax and add detail, textures and other features by hand.

5) I'll cast the portrait in the metal of your choice, Bronze, Sterling, Gold or Platinum.

6) The casting is then hand finished, polished, a patina is applied and is made ready to ship to you.